Lockdown Life – A reintroduction to nature

Lockdown Life – A reintroduction to nature

It’s now the 1st May and we’ve been in ‘lockdown’ since the 23rd March here in the UK to stop the spread of Covid-19. This is a tough time for many people, cut off from friends and family, with some sadly losing loved ones to the virus. Lockdown has been difficult but for every negative there is also a positive, however small that positive may be.

Working from home during the crisis has given me the perfect chance to re-connect with wildlife and the natural world. I wouldn’t ordinarily have this chance due to full time work commitments, along with studying part-time but I’m relishing the opportunity to observe and learn more about the wildlife in the surrounding area with all this extra free time. Nature can have such a positive, uplifting effect on our mental health and well-being, helping to relieve feelings of anxiety, stress and depression. We need this more than ever during times like these.

Mistle Thrush encountered on my morning walk

This is basically my little nature diary which aims to document all the wonderful species we’ve been attracting in our garden, small woodland and surrounding areas this spring. For me, spring has to be my favourite time of year. There’s so much new life and regeneration which fills me with hope and anticipation after what feels like an endless winter (we get a lot of rain here in the North-West of England!).

One of our resident garden Robins warming up for International Dawn Chorus Day on Sunday 3rd May

On Sunday 3rd May, I’ll be getting up early to tune into the wonderful bird song spectacle that is ‘International Dawn Chorus Day’. This is the peak time to enjoy the dawn chorus, where birds sing at their loudest during the early hours to attract a mate and defend a territory. Even though we are all stuck at home right now, it’s something everyone can enjoy and get involved in.

I’ve been attempting to teach myself some bird song identification skills in the run up to Sunday. The Wildlife Trust, Woodland Trust and the RSPB are just some of the many websites with some really useful bird song ID tips! I’ll post these links below for anyone interested and I’ll be back with a post soon all about the types of bird song I hear (and hopefully successfully identify!) on Sunday morning.

Thanks for reading!

Hannah xx

Useful Links for bird song identification: